The nice thing about teamwork
is that you always have others
on your side

- Margaret Carty

Awards & Achievements

Nokia, Global

Award for best localized application, Application for citizen journalism ‘Write3’ was awarded at GSM Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain

Nokia, Bangladesh

Champion for Nokia S40 App Contest, ‘SecureNote’ was awarded the first app to reach a million download in just 30 days.

Microsoft, Bangladesh

Presenter Award, in Microsoft Windows 7 Presentation Challenge

Citi Bank Financial IT Case Competition I

Champion. Awarded USD5000, ‘Extended Mobile Banking’ app was awarded champion project, to overcome the limitations of financial institutes, extending banking services and allowing transactions through the mobile app

Citi Bank Financial IT Case Competition II

RunnerUp. Awarded USD2000, ‘Dip Micro Banking Solution’ was awarded the 2nd best project in the competition. Emphasizing on microcredit and allowing banking to the poor.

WSA & UN Global Alliance for ICT

Won the World Summit Youth Award for the citizen journalism and transparency aspects of “Write3”, as the Best Truth Pursuer Initiative at Graz, Austria



Project Manager/Team Leader/Developer

Professional with over six years of experience in application development and leadership. Having extensive knowledge in mobile apps and well-known track records in providing business development solutions.

My Area of Expertise


Having years of extensive knowledge in project estimation, requirement analysis, task breakdown and workload distribution.


I'm a Rakuten certified project manager with over an year of experience. Good with mobile and web based projects with Waterfall and Agile development methodology.


Sound knowledge in Java/Android. Familiar with Apache, PHP, MySQL, AdobeFlash.

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